D-Link GO-SW-5G 5 Port Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop Switch Review

I have an ethernet cable run from my modem/router to my main PC. I also use this area to fix/update others computers as well as programming Android boxes. Usually I just connect things to my network through wifi, but since I already had an ethernet cable run to this workstation, I decided to buy a switch to make hooking things up directly possible. After a bit of research, I went with the Amazon Choice  D-Link GO-SW-5G Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop Switch.

This is a 5 port ethernet network switch that lets you take a single ethernet line and use it to connect up to 4 separate items through it (the 5th port needs to be hooked up to the main ethernet line).

It has 10/100/1000 porting, which means it is compatible with gigabit connections which makes a difference when transfering/streaming files from one computer to another. They have a 10/100 unit available as well for about $10 cheaper, but at these low prices I would spring for the 10/100/1000 unit.

There was no set up involved, simply plug it into a wall outlet, plug in your ethernet cables, and it works. This switch is an “unmanaged” switch, which means all the signals are shared evenly. If it was a managed switch, you would be able to set certain ports as priority (among other things) to ensure, for example, that your PS4 got all the bandwidth it required before sharing out the rest of the signal to other devices. For most home users however, an unmanaged switch is perfectly fine.

Not much else to say. It’s an affordable ethernet switch that does what it’s supposed to without any bells or whistles.

Here is a link to the exact item that I bought from Amazon.

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