Samsung S9 App Not Compatible

I recently bought myself a new Samsung S9. I’m excited because I’ve never had a flagship phone before. I bought it from my current provider Virgin Mobile. They used the “Smart Switch” (I forget what they called it) to transfer everything over from my old phone.

This phone is fantastic, and I’m very happy with my decision to purchase it. However, I quickly came across an odd snag. 

 App Not Compatible With This Device

One of the games I had on my old phone that was transfered over was Command And Conquer Rivals. I fired it up and it looks awesome and plays buttery smooth. I played for a few days without issue. Then yesterday, I opened up the game to play a round, but after loading up it said it needed an update before I could play. I clicked update and it brought me to the Play Store. Now the issue. For some reason, the app was showing as “Not compatible with this device”. Obviously this was not accurate as I had already been playing for a few days. I sent an email to EA and they suggested I clear my Play Store cache and data files. 


I went into settings from the notification bar and into the “Apps” section, found “Google Play Store” on the list and then went into the “Storage” section for it. I hit the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” buttons (accepting the warning about clearing Data, it didn’t affect anything) and did a reboot of my phone. When the reboot was complete, the Rivals app updated itself automagically without issue. 

I had also tried to install Plants Vs Zombies 2 before that, and it had been showing as incompatible as well. After the reboot, it was showing up in the app store properly and I was able to install it as well, so I believe that has solved my issue.

Hope this helps any of you having this issue as well. If not, let me know in the comments!

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