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Titanium TV is a replacement for the Android app Terrarium TV. It is in fact a clone of the Terrarium TV app, so it looks exactly the same. For those that may not know, Titanium TV is an Android app that streams TV shows and movies directly to your phone or Android box. You can choose any episode from any available seasons, and they play without commercials. Think Netflix, but with a much higher selection and it’s free. They even have movies that are still in the theaters. 

I’ve been using it for a few days now, and it seems to be working just as well as Terrarium did. 

I installed it directly from the Aptoide App Market.  

UPDATE JAN 19/19 New version of Titantium is out, but Android boxes don’t seem to be auto updating. Here is a link to a version I found that seems to work.

Like most streaming apps, some of the sources play with buffering, but simply backing out and choosing a different source usually solves that issue. I find that the higher quality stream the source is supplying, the more likely it is to buffer. I generally choose to watch a lower quality stream that plays smoothly than a 1080p source that buffers, and I’m sure most of you would feel the same. With that being said, not ALL higher quality streams buffer, so it may be worth giving them a try first, and moving down the list if they do. It all depends on how much patience you have for that sort of thing. 

My favorite way to watch is to actually stream Titanium TV from my phone, through my Chromecast that is hooked up to my projector. I get to watch on a 92″ screen that is voice controlled. 

All in all, The Naughty Wizard is happy to have a working streaming app available again. 

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