Titanium TV Update

The Titanium TV Android up has recently stopped working on most Android boxes, just giving a “no data” error when choosing streaming options.

I realized that my Samsung S9 updated itself from 1.9.10 to 1.9.14, but my (and many others) Android boxes had not.

It took a bit of digging, but I found an updated version that works. It’s not the 1.9.14 that I have on my phone, but it’s labelled as V2. Either way, it seems to work just fine.

Click on this link below to download it from here:

Installation Instructions:

Delete your old version of Titanium. Most versions of Android will have you do this through the SETTINGS – APPS menu.

Install this version of Titanium. Once installation is complete, open the app. It will state there is an update. Go ahead and install the update.

Now, for some reason, this update will actually install another version of Titanium on your box. Pay attention to the icons, the newest one will look like this:

That is one you need to keep. You can uninstall the previous one with the darker “T” logo.

Mission complete!

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