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I’ve been using Vader’s for a couple of weeks now. I’m liking it so far, but my wife? Not so much. They have some 24/7 channels in the kids category that were working when we first subscribed, but have now gone down. It’s been a few days without it. The Minnie’s Bowtique channel in particular. She’s also had some buffering and channels just showing black. I’ve found a couple of these so far myself, but nothing outside of what I would expect for a service like this.

Personally, I like the video-on-demand section best. It has a good selection, and you can search by title.


They are going through some growing pains at the moment. New web page portal, and new panels for the re-sellers. The guide info has been down for a couple of days and they are having channels drop in and out. Hopefully this is short time and just needs time for the updated sites to smooth out.

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  1. Another update. Vaders has now blocked new accounts, only existing accounts may be renewed. No new accounts are allowed at this time. I was not given a time frame on when new accounts may allowed again.

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