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UPDATE MAY 2/19 The actual Vaders IPTV is now gone. Big news for the IPTV world, as Vaders was probably the most well known group there was.

The Naughty Wizard found out today that has gone down. Word on this reddit thread is they got shut down for advertising Video On Demand (VOD) services.

This doesn’t actually affect Vaders IPTV, because was just a reseller of the actual Vaders IPTV.

Posted on their Telegram:

​UPDATE: At this current time, yes, our website, webplayer, et al have been taken down as we no longer wish to “resell” the service. This does not mean that your service has completely stopped working.

​Your service will continue to work for the term that you subscribed.

​You WILL NOT, however, be able to renew through us as we are no longer involved in selling these services. You will need to find a new reseller if you wish to continue forward. Please do not ask us with whom you should purchase through. You will need to do your own due diligence for this.

​The Naughty Wizard has never really been a fan of Vaders. They allow too many connections for each account, but they don’t actually force the limit. That makes it possible for you to accidentally exceed your max amount of connections, and when that happens, they ban your account. I’ve had it happen to a good customer of mine. His account is still banned, and this was several months ago.

As for us, we will continue to offer Crown and our own personal favorite QQTV.

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